The Northwestern University Men’s Ice Hockey Club invites applicants to apply for the position of Head Coach. The position is paid and part-time (September to March). The team competes as a member of both the ACHA (Division 3) and MACHA (Silver division).

Responsibilities of the position will include assisting in all phases of the club Ice Hockey program, including, but not limited to coaching, recruiting and fund-raising.

Candidate must demonstrate:

  • extensive knowledge of ice hockey and coaching at the college or an equal/higher level
  • the ability to create competitive practice plans focusing on player and team development
  • capability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing
  • strong leadership and time management qualities
  • strong obligation to the academic and athletic success of student-athletes
  • the ability to pass a background check annually


A USA Hockey Coaching certification is required (any level, but 3 preferred) and progress must be made towards a Level 4 certification for every year as Head Coach.

Our season usually runs from late September through early March. Applicants are expected to be at all hockey related events and games. Travel and lodging is provided for some away games, but you are expected to provide your own transportation to practices and home games.

We have two practices a week (Monday and Wednesday night) and games on the weekend.

Interested candidates should email Josh Kennedy with either a resume or description of your background in hockey, and a brief statement as to why you are interested in this position.

For the 2020-21 season, the expected time commitment will change in light of the current pandemic. As of August 11, 2020, the university announced there will be no games in the fall.

Please contact Josh Kennedy in regard to this position:

(POSTED AUGUST 12, 2020)

St. Cloud State University Men's ACHA DII-HEAD COACH 

OBJECTIVE: This is an unpaid position. Under the guidance of the Athletics Department and Head Coach of St. Cloud State University to perform duties for the St. Cloud State University Huskies Hockey Team

Consults with St. Cloud State University Senior Leadership and Athletics Department on actions pertaining to the program. 


• Strong hockey background in playing, coaching, evaluating.
• Strong interest and commitment to athlete development.
• Ability to work with fellow coaching personnel.
• Ability to communicate on and off-ice requirements to players and parents.
• Available to meet time requirements.
• Minimum of Level 3 USA Hockey Certified
• ACHA, NCAA, or Professional Level Experience 
• Police Records Check and Safe Sport Trained


• Serve as the official spokesperson on behalf of the team
• Coordinate the delegation of responsibilities to the assistant coaches and manager
• Plan on and off-ice activities in consultation with the assistant coaches
• Plan, implement and control pre-game preparation and communication with the team
• Design the practice plans in consultation with the assistant coaches and partner team coach
• Coach the team in all games and practices
• Establish an overall rule framework for the team and oversee the supervision of the play
• Report to the association through the ACHA and WCCHA
• Plan player evaluation and the player selection process.
• Plan the operation of the team during the games.
• Plan the supervision of players off and on the ice.
• Plan the formulation of the game plan.


• Weekly practices and games; approximately 2-3 hours in duration.
• Weekly game/practice preparation; usually 1-2 hours in duration.
• Tournaments (home and away).
• Attend team/association/school meetings as required.

If interested, please submit resumes to 

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