Ranking #1



# of First place votes


Miami University



Liberty University



University of Massachussettes



University of Rhode Island



University of Michigan



Grand Valley State University



Michigan State University



Davenport University



Colorado State University



Robert Morris University of Illinois



University of Minnesota



Pennslyvania State University



University of Vermont



Adrian College



Colorado University


Others receiving votes:

Ohio State University, Naval Academy, Lindenwood University of Bellville, Midland University, University of Wisconsin, Northeastern University


Pre-Season Ranking

In the first time in history there will be a pre-season poll for the ACHA's Women's D I division. A competition committee of 7 members went through a lot of materials on all teams and put a lot of time and effort into putting this poll together.



Pre-season Ranking        
Rank Team Points # first place votes    
1 Miami University 7 7      
2 University of Massachussettes 22        
3 Liberty University 24        
4 University of Michigan 35        
5 University of Rhode Island 37        
6 Adrian College 40        
7 Michigan St. University 59        
8 Grand Valley State University 61        
9 Robert Morris University 71        
10 University of Minnesota 80        
11 Penn St. University 81        
12 Davenport University 82        
14 Northeastern University 89        
14 University of Colorado 89        
15 Colorado St. University 101        
Others Receiver Votes:  Lindenwood-Bellvielle, Wisconsin, Denver, Vermont

Women's Division I Rankings

2014-2015 ACHA Women's Division 1 Rankings

Questions about the rankings? See the Rankings FAQ at the bottom of this page.


Ranking Schedule

Ranking #1: Sunday, October 26th, 2014

Ranking #2: Sunday, November 23rd, 2014

Ranking #3: Sunday, January 18th, 2015

Ranking #4: Sunday, February 22, 2015

Rankings FAQ

How are the rankings determined?

The Rankings will be comprised of three components. Teams are ranked by all ACHA Women's Division 1 coaches, 1-15 (15 maximum,) Ballots are averaged with the high and low vote for each team being dropped. The competition committee, which is comprised of 7 members, will also submit a ranking. There will also be a computer ranking performed and updated each week. Those three process will all be used and teams will be ranked on their averages of all three processes.

Ranking is based on a combination of the following criteria in no particular order or importance:
a -Overall Record
b -Strength of schedule
c -Record vs Ranked Teams (Top 5, Top 10)
d -Games with common opponents
e -Women's Division 1 Record
f.- Head to Head

What are the rankings used for?

The most important thing the rankings do is determine who will be invited to the national tournament. The final ranking of the season must be issued three weeks prior to the national tournament so that teams who are invited can make the appropriate travel arrangements. After the final ranking is issued, the Commissioner extends invitations to the National Championship.