League Meetings

2014 meeting minutes


League Meeting

Here is where you will find the meeting minutes from the league meetings held annual in Naples, Florida.

Agenda minutes
Ranking periods
  • Discussion of when the ranking would take place
    • Paul Bloomfield (Liberty) made a motion to make a special exemption to the 2 week rule between final ranking and the National tournament.
    • Seconded by Kristen Wright ( Colorado )
    • Motion Passed
    • Dates are October 26th, November 23rd, January 18th, and February 22nd
Ranking Discussion
  • Pre-season poll was discussed and agreed upon ( no vote had )
  • More transparency in the actual rankings received with no names attached.
  • Add the words anonymous to the release of the ranking. Motion to amend the by-laws to include the word “anonymous” made by Kristen Wright (Colorado), Second by Rob Blackburn (Michigan). Passed unanimously
  • The inclusion of Non-ACHA in reporting scores on the ACHA site.
    • Rob Blackburn (Michigan) motioned to not include Non-ACHA teams on the website. Seconded by Gregg Kaminski (Cal U). Motion passed unanimously.
  • The inclusion of playing D II teams in the ranking process was discussed.
    • Games between D I and D II teams will count but for ranking purposes the games will not count toward D I rankings but will count towards D II. Motion made by Paul Bloomfield (Liberty), seconded by Bill Wright (UMass) Motion passes by a 10-4 vote.
  • Ranking procedure
    • Motion on the floor that the committee, computer ranking, and coaches will comprise a 3 pronged approach and equally weighted to compile the ranking by Kristen Wright (Colorado), Seconded by Evan Amdahl ( Rainy River CC ). Passed unanimously.
  • All Committee’s
    • Remove the word Region from the D 1 committee’s. All committee’s will now be moved under one unified committee. Two team representative from each league voted on by the league members, Committee to be selected by Aug. 30th. Motion made by Paul Bloomfield (Liberty) to adopt the by-law change Seconded by Kristen Wright (Colorado) passed unanimously.
  • Officiating system
    • Discussion to further enforce the use of the current by law of a two man system or the 1 referee and 2 linesman system as currently defined by the by laws.
  • 2016-2017 National Tournament
    • Beth McCann ( URI ) made a motion to extend the deadline to accept nominations for the 2016 National Tournament to June 1st of 2014 and do an Email vote. Seconded by Bill Wright ( UMass ). Passed Unanimously.
  • National Tournament Procedure
    • Motion by Gregg Kaminski ( Cal U PA ) to eliminate Consolation games and play a maximum of 1 game per day at the national tournament as soon as possible, seconded by Beth McCann ( URI ). Passed unanimously.
  • Fine system
    • New system was discussed about moving away from a monetary fine system to a ranking point deduction.
    • Item was suggested to further enforce the current system and revisit in the future.
  • D II suggested that the game time increase from 17 minutes or 20 minutes.
    • Motion by Gregg Kaminski ( Cal U PA ) to provisionally recommend D II play 20 minute periods for the 2014-2015 season with mandatory 17 minute periods, with the intention of fully moving to 20 minute periods of 2015-2016 season, Seconded by Evan Amdahl ( Rainy River CC ). Passed Unanimously.
  • Motion to adjurn by Rob Blackburn ( Mich ), seconded by Paul Bloomfield ( Liberty ). Unanimously approved.