Join the ACHA

Join the ACHA

Why Join the ACHA?

Inclusion under a nationally recognized association allows for the highest level of play and legitimatizes the growth and organization of collegiate teams on and off campus.   It also adds credibility to programs through national sponsorships, promotion, and adherence to certain eligibility standards for student-athletes.

Member teams enjoy the following benefits:

  • Competing for an invite to divisional ACHA National Championship.
  • Divisional Rankings on regional and/or national level.
  • Player and team statistics.
  • Divisional national awards (All-Tournament Teams, MVP, Player of the Year, Coach of the Year, All-American Teams, and All-Academic Teams).
  • ACHA website as a source of all information, networking and more!
  • Added credibility and legitimacy under an nationally organized association.
  • USA Hockey insurance and benefits.
  • Coaches  membership in the American Hockey Coaches Association (AHCA) including their magazine,  Stops and Starts, and invitation to the annual conference in Naples, Florida (breakout sessions and clinics with varsity coaches and more!).
  • ACHA Annual Meeting invite - April - Naples, FL (meet each year for member teams to vote on ACHA and divisional rules).

    For more information or if you have questions, please contact the divisional representative or Executive Director Chris