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Men's Division 3 Game Results

2013-14 Regular Season

(M2) Augustana College0@(M3) Bradley University22Sep 06, 2013Details
(M2) Augustana College2@(M3) Bradley University21Sep 07, 2013Details
(M3) Coastal Carolina University3@(M3) North Carolina - Wilmington, University of13Sep 07, 2013Details
(M3) Christopher Newport University6@NON-ACHA team1Sep 07, 2013Details
(M3) Christopher Newport University7@NON-ACHA team2Sep 08, 2013Details
(M3) Bradley University5@(M2) Eastern Illinois University6Sep 13, 2013Details
(M3) Missouri State University3@(M3) Mississippi, University of5Sep 13, 2013Details
NON-ACHA team3@(M2) Saint Louis University4Sep 13, 2013Details
(M2) Louisville, University of2@(M3) Holy Cross College at Notre Dame7Sep 13, 2013Details
(M3) Texas Tech University4@(M3) New Mexico, University of5Sep 13, 2013Details
NON-ACHA team2@(M3) Michigan-Flint, University of1Sep 13, 2013Details
(M3) Miami, University of1@(M3) Tampa, University of2Sep 13, 2013Details
(M3) George Mason University4@(M2) North Carolina State University8Sep 13, 2013Details
(M3) Vanderbilt University4@(M3) South Carolina, University of5Sep 13, 2013Details
NON-ACHA team1@(M2) Liberty University9Sep 13, 2013Details
(old M3 Not Registering) Florida Institute of Technology3@(M3) Palm Beach State College9Sep 13, 2013Details
(M2) North Carolina, University of6@(M3) Clemson University4Sep 13, 2013Details
NON-ACHA team3@(M3) Central Florida, University of7Sep 13, 2013Details
(M2) New Jersey Institute of Technology4@(M3) Fordham University5Sep 13, 2013Details
(M2) Louisville, University of4@(M3) Holy Cross College at Notre Dame7Sep 14, 2013Details
(M3) George Mason University6@(M2) Duke University3Sep 14, 2013Details
(M3) Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania3@(M2) Princeton University6Sep 14, 2013Details
(M3) Miami, University of6@(M3) Tampa, University of5Sep 14, 2013Details
(M3) Aurora University Blue5@(M3) Marquette University4Sep 14, 2013Details
(M3) Missouri State University2@(M3) Mississippi, University of4Sep 14, 2013Details
(M2) North Carolina, University of0@(M3) Charlotte, University of8Sep 14, 2013Details
(M3) Texas Tech University4@(M3) New Mexico, University of5Sep 14, 2013Details
(M3) East Stroudsburg University - I3@(M2) Rider University5Sep 14, 2013Details
(M3) Vanderbilt University5@(M3) Clemson University1Sep 14, 2013Details
NON-ACHA team7@(M3) San Jose State University5Sep 14, 2013Details
(M3) Palm Beach State College9@(old M3 Not Registering) Florida Institute of Technology2Sep 14, 2013Details
(M3) Vanderbilt University5@(M3) South Carolina, University of13Sep 15, 2013Details
(M3) Georgia Institute of Technology9@(M3) Auburn University1Sep 15, 2013Details
(M3) Fordham University3@(M2) New Jersey Institute of Technology2Sep 15, 2013Details
NON-ACHA team3@(M2) Nevada-Las Vegas, University of10Sep 20, 2013Details
NON-ACHA team0@(M2) Texas A & M University19Sep 20, 2013Details
(M3) Bradley University15@(M3) Iowa, University of 0Sep 20, 2013Details
(M3) Palm Beach State College3@(M3) South Florida, University of5Sep 20, 2013Details
(M3) Arkansas, University of0@(M1) Oklahoma, University of8Sep 20, 2013Details
NON-ACHA team2@(M3) Colorado State University12Sep 20, 2013Details
(old M3 Not Registering) Wittenberg University3@(M3) Xavier University6Sep 20, 2013Details
(M3) Tampa, University of8@NON-ACHA team0Sep 20, 2013Details
(M3) Mississippi, University of9@(M3) Vanderbilt University6Sep 20, 2013Details
(M3) Grand Valley State University5@(M3) Purdue University2Sep 20, 2013Details
(M3) Texas Tech University5@(M2) Texas Christian University3Sep 20, 2013Details
(M3) Alvernia University5@(M3) Fordham University5Sep 20, 2013Details
(M3) Central Florida, University of8@(M3) Florida Atlantic University1Sep 20, 2013Details
(M3) Metropolitan State University of Denver5@(M2) Denver, University of3Sep 20, 2013Details
(M2) Augustana College7@(M3) Illinois State University8Sep 20, 2013Details
(M3) Northern Illinois University1@(M3) Missouri State University8Sep 20, 2013Details
(M2) North Carolina State University5@(M3) Clemson University2Sep 20, 2013Details
(M3) Marquette University0@(M3) Loyola University Chicago2Sep 20, 2013Details
(M3) Charlotte, University of3@(M3) Georgia Institute of Technology4Sep 20, 2013Details
(M3) Old Dominion University7@(M3) Virginia Commonwealth University3Sep 20, 2013Details
(M3) South Carolina, University of6@(M3) Christopher Newport University7Sep 20, 2013Details
(M3) George Mason University6@(M2) George Washington University3Sep 20, 2013Details
(M3) Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania3@(M3) Fordham University3Sep 21, 2013Details
(M3) Xavier University7@(old M3 Not Registering) Wittenberg University2Sep 21, 2013Details
(M3) Mississippi, University of5@(M3) Vanderbilt University2Sep 21, 2013Details
(M3) Northern Illinois University5@(M3) Missouri State University7Sep 21, 2013Details
(M2) Rider University9@(M3) East Stroudsburg University - I3Sep 21, 2013Details
(M3) Grand Valley State University15@(M3) Purdue University2Sep 21, 2013Details
(M3) Texas Tech University7@(M2) Texas Christian University5Sep 21, 2013Details
(M3) Arkansas, University of0@(M1) Oklahoma, University of3Sep 21, 2013Details
(M3) Virginia Commonwealth University4@(M3) Old Dominion University7Sep 21, 2013Details
(M3) Rowan University10@(M3) Dickinson College1Sep 21, 2013Details
(M3) Bradley University6@(M3) Iowa, University of 2Sep 21, 2013Details
(M3) Palm Beach State College2@(M3) South Florida, University of8Sep 21, 2013Details
(M2) Augustana College6@(M3) Illinois State University5Sep 21, 2013Details
NON-ACHA team0@(M2) Texas A & M University10Sep 21, 2013Details
(M3) Widener University2@(M3) Fordham University5Sep 21, 2013Details
(M2) Lindenwood University6@NON-ACHA team3Sep 21, 2013Details
(old M3 Not Registering) Ohio Wesleyan5@(M3) Wooster, College of2Sep 21, 2013Details
(M2) Loyola Marymount University7@(M3) Canyons, College of the5Sep 21, 2013Details
(M2) Elon University6@(M3) Richmond, University of3Sep 21, 2013Details
(M2) Elon University6@(M3) Richmond, University of3Sep 21, 2013Details
(M3) Central Florida, University of13@(M3) Florida Atlantic University3Sep 21, 2013Details
(M3) Maryland, University of4@(M3) Alvernia University7Sep 21, 2013Details
(M2) California-Berkeley, University of2@(M3) Santa Rosa Junior College7Sep 21, 2013Details
(M3) Charlotte, University of1@(M3) Georgia Institute of Technology2Sep 21, 2013Details
(M3) Marquette University4@(M3) Loyola University Chicago3Sep 21, 2013Details
(M3) Colorado School of Mines7@(M3) Colorado - Colorado Springs, University of4Sep 21, 2013Details
(M3) South Carolina, University of2@(M3) Christopher Newport University4Sep 21, 2013Details
(M2) George Washington University3@(M3) George Mason University8Sep 21, 2013Details
(M3) Tampa, University of4@NON-ACHA team2Sep 21, 2013Details
(M3) Delaware, University of9@(M3) Northern Virginia Community College1Sep 21, 2013Details
(M3) Fordham University2@(M3) Neumann University7Sep 22, 2013Details
NON-ACHA team4@(M2) Lindenwood University6Sep 22, 2013Details
(M3) Aquinas College4@(M2) Notre Dame, University of3Sep 22, 2013Details
NON-ACHA team4@(M2) Harvard University3Sep 25, 2013Details
(M3) South Florida, University of7@(M3) Tampa, University of8Sep 25, 2013Details
(M3) Colorado School of Mines3@(M3) Northern Colorado, University of5Sep 26, 2013Details
(M3) South Carolina, University of3@(M3) Central Florida, University of7Sep 26, 2013Details
(M3) Delaware, University of5@(M3) Rowan University6Sep 27, 2013Details
(M3) Holy Cross College at Notre Dame5@(M3) Michigan State University4Sep 27, 2013Details
(M3) East Stroudsburg University - I1@(M3) Loyola University Maryland3Sep 27, 2013Details
(M3) Aurora University Blue2@(M3) Robert Morris University - Chicago White4Sep 27, 2013Details
(M3) Grand Valley State University2@(M3) Adrian College BLACK3Sep 27, 2013Details
(M2) North Carolina, University of5@(M3) Citadel, The2Sep 27, 2013Details
(M2) Pittsburgh, University of6@(M3) Pittsburgh-Greensburg, University of5Sep 27, 2013Details
(M3) Northern Illinois University0@(M3) Marquette University10Sep 27, 2013Details
(M3) Arkansas, University of7@(M3) Robert Morris University - Peoria2Sep 27, 2013Details
(M2) Wisconsin-Oshkosh, University of5@(M3) Wisconsin-Platteville-1, University of4Sep 27, 2013Details
(M3) Creighton University1@(M3) Nebraska, University of5Sep 27, 2013Details
(M2) Virginia, University of9@(M3) Old Dominion University6Sep 27, 2013Details
(M3) Penn State Erie, The Behrend College2@(M1) Rochester Institute of Technology8Sep 27, 2013Details
(M3) Central Michigan University2@(M3) Davenport University5Sep 27, 2013Details
(M2) Ferris State University3@(M3) Calvin College2Sep 27, 2013Details
(M3) Lansing Community College6@(M3) Lawrence Technological University2Sep 27, 2013Details
(M3) Northern Arizona University1@(M3) New Mexico, University of4Sep 27, 2013Details
(M2) Michigan, University of7@(M3) Saginaw Valley State University4Sep 27, 2013Details
(M3) Xavier University3@(M3) Oakland University9Sep 27, 2013Details
(M3) Shippensburg University12@(M3) Mount Saint Mary's University1Sep 27, 2013Details
(M2) Duke University1@(M3) Charleston, College of6Sep 27, 2013Details
(M2) Holy Cross, College of the9@NON-ACHA team2Sep 27, 2013Details
(M3) San Jose State University2@(M3) Santa Rosa Junior College18Sep 27, 2013Details
(M3) Colorado - Colorado Springs, University of2@(M3) Northern Colorado, University of12Sep 27, 2013Details
(M3) Missouri State University3@(M3) Charlotte, University of7Sep 27, 2013Details
(M3) Miami, University of3@(M3) South Florida, University of0Sep 27, 2013Details
(M3) Iowa, University of 3@(M3) Illinois State University6Sep 27, 2013Details
(M3) Rutgers University - Camden2@(M3) Penn State University - Brandywine8Sep 27, 2013Details
(M3) Christopher Newport University2@(M2) Liberty University9Sep 27, 2013Details
(M3) Indiana University8@(M3) Vanderbilt University1Sep 27, 2013Details
(M3) George Mason University7@(M3) Northern Virginia Community College2Sep 27, 2013Details
(M3) Saint Vincent College11@(M3) Wooster, College of1Sep 27, 2013Details
(M3) United States Air Force Academy0@(M3) Colorado School of Mines7Sep 27, 2013Details
(M3) Florida, University of7@(M3) Tennessee, University of2Sep 27, 2013Details
(M3) Loyola University Chicago8@(M2) Illinois, University of1Sep 27, 2013Details
(M3) South Carolina, University of6@(M3) Central Florida, University of5Sep 27, 2013Details
(M3) Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne3@(M3) Mississippi, University of4Sep 27, 2013Details
(M3) East Carolina University4@(M3) Richmond, University of3Sep 27, 2013Details
(M3) Charlotte, University of3@(M3) Xavier University5Sep 28, 2013Details
(M3) Salisbury University5@(M3) Delaware, University of4Sep 28, 2013Details
(M3) Mississippi, University of1@(M3) Oakland University5Sep 28, 2013Details
(M3) Northern Illinois University2@(M3) Marquette University11Sep 28, 2013Details
(M3) Creighton University2@(M3) Nebraska, University of9Sep 28, 2013Details
(M3) North Carolina - Wilmington, University of4@(M3) Liberty University5Sep 28, 2013Details
(M2) Wisconsin-Oshkosh, University of3@(M3) Wisconsin-Platteville-1, University of6Sep 28, 2013Details
(M3) Holy Cross College at Notre Dame3@(M3) Michigan State University6Sep 28, 2013Details
(M3) Loyola University Chicago3@(M2) Illinois, University of6Sep 28, 2013Details
(M3) Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne3@(M3) Missouri State University2Sep 28, 2013Details
(M2) Ferris State University4@(M3) Calvin College6Sep 28, 2013Details
(M3) Christopher Newport University6@(M3) Radford University1Sep 28, 2013Details
(M3) Indiana University5@(M3) Vanderbilt University4Sep 28, 2013Details
(M3) Neumann University7@(M3) Loyola University Maryland5Sep 28, 2013Details
(M3) East Carolina University12@(M3) Old Dominion University5Sep 28, 2013Details
(M2) North Carolina, University of6@(M3) Charleston, College of2Sep 28, 2013Details
(M3) Xavier University7@(M3) Mississippi, University of6Sep 28, 2013Details
(M2) Virginia, University of18@(M3) William and Mary, College of1Sep 28, 2013Details
(M3) Iowa, University of 2@(M3) Illinois State University5Sep 28, 2013Details
(M3) Adrian College BLACK3@(M3) Grand Valley State University4Sep 28, 2013Details
(M3) Penn State University - Brandywine3@(M3) Shippensburg University2Sep 28, 2013Details
(M3) Arkansas, University of11@(M3) Robert Morris University - Peoria1Sep 28, 2013Details
(M3) Aurora University Blue7@(M3) Robert Morris University - Chicago White4Sep 28, 2013Details
(M3) Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne5@(M3) Charlotte, University of4Sep 28, 2013Details
(M2) Duke University3@(M3) Citadel, The4Sep 28, 2013Details
(M3) Colorado - Colorado Springs, University of4@(M3) Colorado State University13Sep 28, 2013Details
(M3) Florida, University of9@(M3) Tennessee, University of5Sep 28, 2013Details
(M3) Fredonia State University3@(M3) Penn State Erie, The Behrend College4Sep 28, 2013Details
(M3) Coastal Carolina University4@(M3) James Madison University8Sep 28, 2013Details
(M3) Suffolk County Community College0@(M3) Farmingdale State College8Sep 28, 2013Details
(M3) Central Michigan University1@(M3) Davenport University6Sep 28, 2013Details
(M3) Northern Arizona University5@(M3) New Mexico, University of2Sep 28, 2013Details
(M3) United States Air Force Academy2@(M3) Colorado School of Mines6Sep 28, 2013Details
(M3) Auburn University3@(M3) Georgia Institute of Technology5Sep 28, 2013Details
(M3) Missouri State University4@(M3) Oakland University3Sep 28, 2013Details
(M2) George Washington University9@(M3) Catholic University of America6Sep 28, 2013Details
(M3) California State University - Sacramento19@(M3) San Jose State University3Sep 28, 2013Details
(M3) Saginaw Valley State University1@(M2) Michigan, University of5Sep 28, 2013Details
(M3) Widener University6@(M3) Northern Virginia Community College2Sep 28, 2013Details
(M3) Widener University4@(M3) Johns Hopkins University2Sep 29, 2013Details
(M3) Florida State University7@(M3) Georgia, University of6Sep 29, 2013Details
(M3) Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne2@(M3) Oakland University11Sep 29, 2013Details
(M3) Robert Morris University (PA)4@(M3) Fredonia State University5Sep 29, 2013Details
(M3) Dickinson College11@(M3) Mount Saint Mary's University3Sep 29, 2013Details

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