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Height: 0'0
Year in School: Sophomore
Shot: Left
Position: Forward
Hometown: Depew
Last Team: 


Oct 27 @ (M1) Cortland, State University of New York College at1000000000
Nov 5 vs. NON-ACHA team1000000000
Nov 9 @ NON-ACHA team1000000000
Nov 10 @ NON-ACHA team1101000000
Nov 16 @ NON-ACHA team1000002000
Nov 17 @ (M3) Fredonia State University1000000000
Nov 22 @ (M1) John Carroll University1000000000
Nov 23 @ (M1) Drexel University1000002000
Dec 6 @ NON-ACHA team1000000000
Dec 7 @ NON-ACHA team1000002000
Dec 11 @ NON-ACHA team1000000000
Dec 15 vs. (M3) Fredonia State University1000000000
Jan 18 @ NON-ACHA team1000002000
Jan 20 vs. NON-ACHA team1000000000
Jan 25 vs. NON-ACHA team1000000000
Jan 26 vs. (M1) Cortland, State University of New York College at1000002000
Feb 1 vs. NON-ACHA team1000000000
Feb 2 vs. NON-ACHA team1000000000
Feb 8 vs. NON-ACHA team1101000000
Feb 15 @ NON-ACHA team1101000000
Feb 17 vs. (M1) Canisius College1000000000
(M3) Erie Community College233030012000
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2008-09 Atlantic Coast Collegiate Hockey League (ACCHL) REGULAR SEASON STATISTICS

(M3) Erie Community College1000000000
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