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Height: 6'3
Year in School: Sophomore
Shot: Right
Position: Defense
Hometown: Palm Harbor, FL
Last Team: Queen City Steam (CSHL)


(M3) Central Florida, University of3022000000
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Sep 13 vs. NON-ACHA team1011000000
Sep 20 @ (M3) Florida Atlantic University1000000000
Sep 21 @ (M3) Florida Atlantic University1011000000
Sep 26 vs. (M3) South Carolina, University of1033000000
Sep 27 vs. (M3) South Carolina, University of1011000000
Oct 4 vs. (M3) South Florida, University of1000000000
Oct 5 @ (M3) South Florida, University of1022000000
Oct 10 @ (M3) Northwood University1000004000
Oct 11 @ (M3) Calvin College1011000000
Oct 12 @ (M3) Hope College1000000000
Oct 13 @ (M3) Oakland University1000002000
Oct 18 vs. (M3) Florida, University of1000000000
Oct 19 vs. (M3) Florida, University of1000000000
Oct 25 vs. (M3) Charlotte, University of1011000000
Oct 26 vs. (M3) Charlotte, University of1000000000
Nov 1 vs. (M3) Florida Gulf Coast University1101000000
Nov 2 vs. (M3) Florida Gulf Coast University1000000000
Nov 15 vs. (M3) Georgia Institute of Technology1011000000
Nov 21 vs. (M3) Oakland University1101000000
Nov 22 vs. (M3) Alabama, University of1000000000
Nov 23 vs. (M3) South Carolina, University of1000000000
Nov 24 vs. (M3) South Florida, University of1000000000
Dec 6 vs. (M3) Tampa, University of1000000000
Dec 7 vs. (M3) Tampa, University of1011000000
Jan 10 vs. (M3) South Florida, University of1000000000
Jan 11 @ (M3) South Florida, University of1022006000
Jan 17 @ (M3) Florida Gulf Coast University1000000000
Jan 18 @ (M3) Florida Gulf Coast University1000002000
Jan 31 @ (M3) Alabama, University of1000000000
Feb 1 @ (M3) Alabama, University of1101102000
Feb 7 vs. (M3) Florida Atlantic University1112100100
Feb 8 vs. (M3) Florida Atlantic University1000000000
(M3) Central Florida, University of32415192016100
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