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Height: 0'0
Year in School: Freshman
Shot: Left
Position: Forward
Hometown: Washington, MI
Last Team: Little Cesars Hockey club
Born on April 4, 1995. From Washington, Michigan. Majoring in Communications. Parents are Mike and Karen Booth. Siblings are David, Matt, and Joel. Has been playing hockey for 13 years. Enjoys golfing, skiing, traveling, and being on the lake.


Sep 21 @ (W1) Adrian College1202000100
Sep 22 @ (W1) Adrian College1000002000
Sep 28 @ (W1) Davenport University1303010100
Sep 29 @ (W1) Davenport University1000000000
Oct 4 vs. (W1) Central Michigan University1022000000
Oct 5 vs. (W1) Central Michigan University1303000100
Oct 18 vs. (W1) Grand Valley State University1000000000
Oct 19 vs. (W1) Grand Valley State University1000000000
Oct 26 @ (W1) Michigan, University of1213110100
Oct 27 @ (W1) Michigan, University of1101000000
Nov 9 vs. (W1) Vermont, University of 1134000100
Nov 10 vs. (W1) Colorado, University of 1415110100
Nov 15 @ (W1) Robert Morris University (IL)1011000000
Nov 16 @ (W1) Robert Morris University (IL)1101012000
Nov 16 @ (W1) Minnesota, University of1011002000
Nov 22 vs. (W1) Northern Michigan University1415010100
Nov 23 vs. (W1) Northern Michigan University1213010100
Jan 17 vs. (W1) Davenport University1112000100
Jan 18 vs. (W1) Davenport University1000000000
Jan 19 @ (W1) Ohio State University1202000000
Jan 23 @ (W1) Liberty University1112000000
Jan 24 @ (W1) Liberty University1000002000
Feb 1 vs. (W1) Ohio State University1123100000
Feb 7 vs. (W1) Michigan State University1101000000
Feb 8 vs. (W1) Michigan State University1101000000
Feb 21 vs. (W1) Ohio State University1101002000
Feb 21 vs. (W1) Grand Valley State University1101000000
Feb 22 vs. (W1) Adrian College1000000000
Feb 22 vs. (W1) Michigan State University1000000000
Feb 23 vs. (W1) Adrian College1112100000
Mar 15 vs. (W1) Liberty University1011000000
Mar 16 vs. (W1) Massachusetts, University of1000000000
(W1) Miami University323317504610900
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