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2007 General Meeting Agenda

Meeting Sign-In [10:00 AM – 10:45 AM]

Everyone must sign in for the meeting.  Voting sticks will be distributed to designated team representatives. 


Call to Order [11:00 AM] – Marshall Stevenson


Meeting Protocol – Marshall Stevenson

We anticipate another record turn out this year and to ensure a more orderly meeting the board has established the following meeting guidelines:

  • arrive at the meeting early to sign in and pickup any handouts
  • once the meeting starts no talking in the meeting room
  • voting members will sit in the front of the room
  • presenters of agenda items will have a maximum of 15 minutes to make their presentation
  • any ACHA member will have an opportunity to speak once on any issue.
  • original presenter is allowed 3-5 minutes for rebuttal following debate to end discussion
  • a vote will be taken…..2/3's vote required to change the By-Laws; simple majority on all other issues


Acceptance of the Minutes of the 2006 Meeting


Report of the President – Marshall Stevenson


USA Hockey – Dave Ogrean [Executive Director], Ashley Bevan [Director of Adult Hockey], John Beadle [Vice-President/Adult Council Chair]


AHCA – Joe Bertagna [Executive Director]


Report of the Executive Director – Christian Wilk

ACHA Interpretation of the Emergency Part Time Goaltender Rule – ACHA Commissioners


Report of the Secretary – Jim Martin


Report of the TreasurerBrian Moran


Division 1 Report -

John Bosch, Division 1 VP, and Brian Moran, Division 1 Commissioner


Division 2 Report

          Paul Hebert, Division 2 VP, and Mike Radakovich, Division 2 Commissioner


Division 3 Report

          Sam Kelly, Division 3 VP, and Tom Vanderlaan, Division 3 Commissioner


Women’s Division Report

Jim Henry, Women’s Division VP, and Erin Russ, Women’s Division Commissioner


Report of the Referee in Chief – Shane Hanlon


Report of the Representative to USA Hockey - Al Murdoch, Ken Fikis

·         USA Hockey Directors, Al Murdoch, Ken Fikis

·         World University Games Recap - Al Murdoch, Chad Cassel, Joe Augustine, Dave Debol


Report on the Website – Mike Radakovich


Officer Elections



  • Marshall Stevenson (Towson)


USA Hockey Representatives [2]

  • Ken Fikis (Colorado)
  • Mike Lichtenberger (Lehigh) or Al Murdoch (Iowa State University)



  • Jim Martin (Michigan State)



  • Brian Moran


Elected in the Breakout Meetings

  • M1 Vice President
  • M2 Vice President
  • M3 Vice President
  • W1/W2 Vice President


Housekeeping Corrections to By-Laws


Approval of changes to the bylaws for housekeeping items – Jim Martin, Secretary

A number of housekeeping items were identified within the manual; these have been corrected.


Revisions to By-Laws


Pg 4

 “The ACHA Logo and name brand is the sole property of the American Collegiate Hockey Association. Any commercial use of the ACHA Logo must be approved by the Executive Director of the ACHA. If the ACHA Logo is used commercially, the ACHA will receive 7% of gross revenue.”

Change 7% to 25%


Pg 6

Article VI, Section 3, E

“New officers shall take office upon the completion of the business of the annual meeting in progress.”

Add – except for the ACHA Representatives to USA Hockey.


Pg 7

Article VI, Section 4


“The Board of Directors shall have the power and responsibility to:”

Add – To select members to the Hall-of-Fame


Pg 10

Article XII, Section 1

          ACHA Representatives to USA Hockey”

Add Section 3

The ACHA Representatives to USA Hockey shall take office after the conclusion of the USA Hockey Annual Congress (June)


Pg 13

Article I - Membership

Add to Section 1 – Operational Standards


D. A signed ACHA game contract is required.  Game contracts shall be issued by the Home Team, or by the Host (i.e. Tournaments).  Teams should include information on cancellation dates and appropriate cancellation fees and penalties.  No financial reimbursements will occur unless specified on the game contract.  Both participating teams shall keep copies of the game contracts on file, and will produce a copy upon request by the ACHA Office.  Any team unable to produce a copy upon request will be subject to a fine up to $1,000 and/or Suspension of Membership Benefits as outlined in Part Two, Article III, Section 8. 


Pg 14

Article II – Rules of Play

Add Section 4

Section 4. 4. All overtime play during the regular season shall be 4-on-4. (Currently 5-on-5)


Pg 14

Article II – Rules of Play

Add Section 5

Section 5 - Spitting is a Game Disqualification. (Currently a Game Misconduct)


Pg 15

Article IV – National Tournaments

Add Section 6

Section 6 - The host shall supply the ACHA with 3 complimentary hotel rooms for its staff at the Official Host hotel, or a similar hotel.  The rooms will start one day previous to the Tournament start and end one day after the Tournament concludes. 


Pg 15

Article IV – National Tournaments

Add Section 7

Section 7 - The ACHA will furnish the awards for the National Tournament.  The host shall pay for the awards for the National Tournament.  


Article IV – National Tournaments

Add Section 9:


Section 9 - Any broadcasts (audio, video, etc) from an ACHA Sanctioned Event (including National Tournaments, Regionals, Showcases, etc) are the sole property of the ACHA. Any broadcast or rebroadcast not initiated by the ACHA must be cleared in writing by the respective Commissioner prior to the events. Fees may be assessed for the broadcast or rebroadcast of these events.


Pg 14

Article II – Rules of Play

Section 1. Part 1


The NCAA size restrictions on goaltender equipment (i.e. to conform to NHL size standards) are deferred for ACHA member teams for the 2007-2008 season.  There will be no further deferments of the size restrictions after the 2007-2008 season.  Beginning with the 2008-2009 season, ACHA members will comply with the new size restrictions.


Adjournment [~4:00 PM] – Marshall Stevenson

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