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Northwood University's Mike Tecmire signs with Europe Team


Captain Mike Tecmire

Mike Tecmire from Northwood University signs on to play for EC-Oberstdorf....

Mike Tecmire from Northwood University signs on to play for EC-Oberstdorf.  Mike was the team captain for Northwood University in Midland, MI last season and scored 23 goals and 27 assists in 27 games.  Mike was a key player for Northwood University and earned many honors in the Michigan Collegiate Hockey Confernce.  He ended his ACHA career with 114 points in 108 games.  Mike was named to the MCHC Allstar team in his final two seasons playing for Northwood.

Mike was selected to join the ACHA D3 Selects program in 2012 and played against EC-Oberstdorf over the Dec-Jan 2013 break.  He scored 2 goals and 3 assists against his future team.  Tecmire was a great lockerroom leader during the trip and a great example of hard work paying off.  The Northwood University teams plays a tough schedule each season regardless of their small enrollment number.

The ACHA D3 Selects, ACHA Division 3 Teams and the rest of the ACHA are proud to see another member of the ACHA family have the chance to continue their hockey career and wish Mike all the best in his time in Europe.

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