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World University Team USA Off to Harbin, China



After arriving in Chicago, IL on Friday, February 13 for a brief mini-camp, the United States University Select Team (Team USA) is now ready to depart for China.


Team USA had a successful weekend, winning all 3 of its exhibition games over DePaul University, the Illinois Collegiate All-Stars, and Robert Morris College.


Team USA will depart on Monday, February 16, in the afternoon for a 14-hour flight to Beijing.  After a layover in Beijing, the team will fly another 2.5 hours to their final destination, Harbin, China.  With a time difference of 14 hours ahead of Central Standard Time, Team USA will finally reach Harbin, China at approximately 10:30 PM local time on Tuesday night.  The team will have spent nearly 24 hours traveling from Chicago to Harbin and be welcomed with a temperature of –7 ºF!


The team will practice on Wednesday and Thursday before squaring off against Korea in its first game at 3:30 PM on Thursday afternoon (or 2:30 AM EST)


The weather forecast for Harbin, China the next 6 days:


High: 9 ºF

Low: -2 ºF


High: 12 ºF

Low: -7 ºF


High: 10 ºF

Low: -1 ºF


High: 6 ºF

Low: -9 ºF


High: 14 ºF

Low: -3 ºF


High: 6 ºF

Low: -4 ºF

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